Our mission is to provide quality construction, within budget and on schedule, to the customer’s satisfaction.

Commerce Construction Service, Inc. - Since 1993, Commerce Construction Services, Inc. has gained a well-deserved reputation as a General Contractor who holds experience, quality and reliability above all other considerations. Commerce Construction Services Inc. has dedicated itself to providing uncompromised service to our clients and professional growth for our employees. We listen to our clients, share their values, and respond to their needs. In short, we take great pride in helping our clients see their dream become reality. Our commitment to building solid, long lasting relationships is evident in our continued success. We strive to develop business relationships that are based on respect, trust and honesty. This is what we firmly believe sets us apart from other companies and what has provided us with a long list of distinguished customers. When you select Commerce Construction Services, Inc., you are getting more than a contractor; you are getting a full service general contractor who can help create the building solution that meets your needs.

Full Service - Commerce Construction Services, Inc. provides extensive capabilities from construction managers, site planners, designers and craftsmen, in order to construct a building that meets your expectations. Our range of contracting services takes you from the ground up including site selection, permit application, soil investigation, site development, foundations, landscaping and interior finishes. Many of our successful projects are from "plan and spec" projects developed by a design team chosen by the owner. The owner then provides these documents to Commerce Construction Services, Inc. for a bid. During the design phase, if asked by the owner, Commerce Construction Services, Inc. can be a valued member of that design team.

Another one of the services that Commerce Construction Services provides is the Design Build approach to projects. This method of construction, along with our experience, has served clients in the commercial, manufacturing, industrial, office and retail markets. Through Design Build, we are in "total" control of your project at all times, keeping the project on schedule and on budget. Commerce Construction Services only contracts with qualified subcontractors who understand the Commerce Construction Services commitment to quality and service.

Performance - When timing is critical, we can FAST-TRACK your project to meet crucial deadlines. This involves applying for grading permits, performing site work, and pouring foundations while working drawings and decisions about the building interior are still being finalized. Our project management and field supervision personnel meet on every project a minimum of once a week along with daily monitoring of your project with the original Design Build team member. Commerce Construction Services, Inc. constantly strives to identify and eliminate problems before they occur.

No Surprises - Surprises are the result of poor communication. If changes are requested, we quickly present pricing and economical solutions to you in writing. We understand that communication is key to having a successful project and we pledge to keep you constantly informed each step of the way.

Reliability - When you select Commerce Construction Services, Inc., you are getting more than a contractor. You are getting experienced crews, time-tested subcontractors and our pledge to be there even after the warranty.

Quality - When you select Commerce Construction Services, Inc., you are buying more than our quality assured construction methods. In addition to the traditional masonry, concrete, wood or steel structures, we offer unsurpassed performance and reliability. Commerce Construction Services, Inc. has a verifiable track record of success based on years of professional performance on dependability, longevity and financial strength.



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