As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, we’re thrilled to share our journey through the triumphs of 2023. Throughout the year, we undertook many diverse projects, each a testament to our commitment to excellence and exceeding customer expectations every time. 

From groundbreaking new constructions to intricate remodels and ambitious additions, #TeamCCS poured heart and soul into every endeavor. Highlights of the year included the commencement of Liberty Gardens Apartments, a 108-unit complex in West Wichita, and the successful transformation of a vacant office space into a fully functioning pediatric clinic for Equipoise Healthcare. Innovation shone brightly in projects like the Derby Fire Training Center, where repurposed shipping containers provided firefighters and emergency responders with realistic and controlled environments to hone their skills. 

Beyond our professional achievements, our team fostered a culture of camaraderie and support, coming together as a close-knit team to enjoy a Wind Surge baseball game, celebrate CCS’s 30th Anniversary, and give back to an organization close to our hearts, Starkey

 As we look back on 2023, we are grateful for the trust and confidence our clients placed in us and the unwavering dedication of our team. We eagerly anticipate the opportunities and challenges in the coming year as we continue to push the boundaries of excellence. Here’s to a prosperous and fulfilling 2024!