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What We Do

Are you looking to upgrade your facility? Perhaps you need an addition to your existing structure. Our team knows that not every project starts with site selection and new construction. Commerce Construction Services is equipped and has the experience to handle your commercial renovation, remodel, and / or expansion needs.

We offer full-service, general construction services for commercial and industrial remodeling and renovations of any size. We’re able to bring in our own design partners or work within your pre-drawn plans. We also understand that your business might need to function throughout a project.

Should your facility need to be operational during construction, we can approach the project in phases. These phases consider public access, security, work-station functionality, and noise. With effective pre-planning and communication, staff, occupants’, and patrons’ movements and safety can be kept secure. Directional signage, security cameras, and temporary partitions may be used in and around the construction site for wayfinding, safety, and security.

Being a trusted general contractor and commercial remodeling company, we have a long history of interior remodels of existing locations, and of aiding with small projects. We can help you address design, layout, and code issues to make your space both aesthetically pleasing and functional for today’s – and tomorrow’s – environment.