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How We Work

Whether you manage one or multiple locations, Commerce Construction Services will partner with you to understand how to optimize your facility. We are here to support your needs that may range from tenant improvement renovations and additions to minor replacements and repairs. We can help you address emergencies, desired remodels, and ongoing and periodic maintenance.

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Our services include but are not limited to:


  • Earthmoving to prevent soil erosion and improve drainage
  • Relaying or repaving concrete to minimize tripping hazards


  • Repairing exterior and interior trim
  • Repairing or installing counter tops
  • Hanging and shimming doors; hardware repair or replacement
  • Drywall repair and replacement


  • Additions
  • Renovations
  • Targeted interior slab and foundation repair
  • Make sure roof flashings are secure
  • Caulking to eliminate leaks and increase energy efficiency
  • Repairing handrail to ensure safety and ADA compliance

Miscellaneous Services

  • Installing window treatments
  • Changing HVAC filters
  • Changing interior light bulbs
  • Re-keying cylinders for security

No job is too large or too small for our staff!

Let our experienced team act as your advocate regardless of where you are in the process of deciding or defining your project.