Commerce Construction President Doug Henning says, “Employees are the lifeblood of a construction company.”

And it’s true! We have top-shelf talent, complete with friendly, knowledgeable office staff and experienced field crews.  Some have even been with us for over a quarter century.

Something that has been with us since we started are our core beliefs, which we take pride in living out every day.  Those beliefs and values are:

  • Building lasting relationships
  • Professional work ethics
  • Teamwork

Our core values are assessed annually, but they haven’t changed since day one. And every year, they’re still just as relevant to our team and our work. Having a solid set of core values helps us make sure we are all working toward the same goal, every time, no matter the project. As Doug says, we find success in living our core values, and our team shares that thinking.

Employees like Superintendent Dusty Allred appreciate the camaraderie that comes from working with people who share the same values.

“We are one big family. We do have all the same goals. We want to be there for our customers.”

Our values drive us to go above and beyond before, during and after each project, and you don’t have to look too hard to see them in action. Building lasting relationships has resulted in two-thirds of our annual work coming from repeat customers.

Our passion to develop a professional work ethic in every member of the Commerce Construction team means that you can trust anyone we send to your site to be a seasoned pro.

And teamwork means that we can trust and rely on every member of the team to function at our best. This means everyone can and does take pride in their work and the impact it’s making!

Dusty sums it up well.

“Working for Commerce Construction is fun. It’s the best company I’ve ever worked for in my life.”

Are you interested in joining the Commerce Construction team? Check us out, tell us about you, and let’s see about building great things together.